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Anthropology Museum Mexico City – A MUST see museum

The Anthropology Museum Mexico City truly is a thing to do whilst in the capital. The range of exhibits is exceptional and the architecture is simply superb, making this visit an unexpected and reasonably priced surprise.

The price you should expect to pay is M$57 and add an extra M$45 if you would like to take a video camera to film your visit with a video license. There is no charge for using a camera, just remember to take off the flash.

The Anthropology Museum Mexico City is located in the area known as Bosque de Chapultepec. It is a short walk from metro stations Auditorio and Chapultepec. The area of Bosque de Chapultepec is an excellent area to take a stroll with plenty of things to see.


The museum is almost hidden away by trees of the surrounding area with a statue/water feature being the only signal to give away its position. Outside the museum is a small park where you can by locally priced tacos and refreshments. There is a taxi stand outside the tourist that must prayer on tourists as one guy quoted me 2.5 times the usual amount for a fare. Please avoid if possible.

Anthropology Javier Marin

On approach to the museum itself, you are treated to a small exhibition of gigantic sculptures by Javier Marín. This artist seems to de la mode as many of his works can be seen if you take a walk through the surrounding area. His work is fantastic and thoroughly deserves the exposure.

Anthropology Museum Plaza

Once you get past the lobby and friendly security (everywhere in Mexico City people are friendly, incredible) you enter the main museum only to be taken back by an awe inspiring structure in the main plaza. My photos simply do not do it justice.

Anthropology Museum Mexico City Upper Level

Different rooms feed off this plaza, but the layout of the museum is excellent and you rarely need to step outside again once you enter any of the rooms.

Anthropology Museum Inside3Anthropology Museum Inside

The extensive range of exhibits and artefacts is very impressive. And everything is displayed in high quality rooms of crystal clear glass and luxurious stone flooring which is totally unexpected considering you pay only $M57 to get in.

Anthropology Museum Mask

The amount of findings on display is slightly overwhelming and you really need a few days if you are keen on taking everything in. This sorrowful ornament of Dios Viejo is just one amongst many.

Anthropology Museum Mexico City Dios Viejo

The Anthropology Museum Mexico City is home to a segment of the Pyramid of the Serpent Emplumada (“grown feathers”). This is an impressive structure but not the only pyramid structure in the museum.

Anthropology Museum Serpent Pyramid

Have a quick look at this exhibition below. It was holographic images of skulls which transform into fully fleshed heads as you walk pass it. It demonstrates how you might imagine what people might have looked like just given bone alone. A great addition…


My favourite room was the Sala de Mexico. The Piedra del Sol stands on guard at the back and has a summoning presence. It was a stone used for ritual gladiatorial sacrifices.

Anthropology Museum Sala de Mexico 1
It is an immense artefact and is worthy of admission to the museum alone. Having said that, in the Anthropology Museum Mexico City there are many artefacts which stand alone.

You MUST visit!

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